The bare-faced beauty

No Make-up: sometimes less is more.

The no make-up or “nude” look revolves around a beautiful complexion. Lips and eyes shine with a natural radiance, while well-groomed lashes and brows provide the finishing touch.



Why choose the No Make-up look.

The finished No Make-up look appears so natural that some may think you’re wearing no make-up at all. While that may not be entirely true, you don’t need much to create this classic nude look. The little you do use makes all the more impact, perfectly accentuating your individual facial features.



Products required for the No Make-up look
Foundation 01 macadamia 30ml Originalware Primärverpackung INT Webshop
  • provides light to medium coverage
  • nourishes and protects the skin
  • contains medicinal plant extracts and mineral pigments
  • in 8 natural skin tones
Content 30 ml
Bronzing Powder 01 bronze 10g Originalware Primärverpackung INT offen Webshop
Bronzing Powder
  • ultra-fine powder
  • for a translucent bronze shimmer
  • also great for contouring
  • suitable for all skin tones
Content 10 g
Brow and Lash Gel 00 translucent 6ml Originalware Primärverpackung INT offen Webshop
Brow & Lash Gel
  • nourishing gel
  • for lashes and eyebrows
  • forms and fixes
  • transparent
Content 6 ml
Lip Care Stick
Lip Care Stick
  • gently nourishes dry lips
  • protects against environmental influences
  • contains high-quality oils and waxes
Content 4,9 g
Soothes and regenerates: Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm
Lip Balm
  • deeply nourishes
  • supports revitalisation
  • ideal for rough, cracked lips and corners of the mouth
  • can be used very sparingly
Content 4,5 ml


How to achieve the No Make-up look.

For the No Make-up look, our light, breathable Foundation and Bronzing Powder do most of the work to create that perfect just-back-from-holiday complexion. Frame the face with beautiful brows, contour your unique bone structure and let your complexion glow. Give a little nourishing care to the eyes, lashes and lips – and your all-natural No Make-up look is complete. Take a look: how do you like your fresh daytime make-up?


Get the look:

1. Nourishing base: The right daytime skin care for your skin condition
2. Foundation: A beautiful complexion is essential for this look
3. Bronzing Powder: Apply to the cheeks, chin, neck and hairline
4. Eyes: Subtly highlight and care for the brows and lashes with our Brow & Lash Gel
5. Lips: Keep it natural; feel free to apply our Lip Care Stick or Lip Balm for soft, supple lips




Ideal for the No Make-up look: hydrating skin care.

As your skin plays the star role in the No Make-up look, make sure it’s especially well nourished. Your skin benefits from daytime skin care that provides moisture. Opt for a face cream or day lotion that is appropriate for your skin condition. Our online skin test can help you determine this.




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