Natural mineral pigments to mattify, bronze or colour correct.

It only takes a little to make a big difference: powder can remove an oily sheen or even out your skin tone, contour your face and help your make-up last longer – all the while still letting your skin breathe.

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Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder 01 bronze Bronzing Powder
  • ultra-fine powder
  • for a translucent bronze shimmer
  • also great for contouring
  • suitable for all skin tones
Content 10 g
Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder - color correcting Colour Correcting Powder
  • reduces the appearance of redness
  • brightens dark shadows
  • provides a fresh complexion
  • suitable for all skin tones
Content 8 g
Dr. Hauschka Compact Powder 00 translucent Compact Powder
  • naturally reduces shine
  • evens the complexion
  • ideal for touch-ups
  • in 1 natural skin tone
Content 8 g
Loose Powder from Dr. Hauschka Loose Powder
  • light, extra-fine powder
  • delicately fixes your make-up
  • reduces oily shine
  • transparent and nourishing
Content 12 g

Face powders: loose, compact and more from Dr. Hauschka.

Every make-up bag should contain a face powder – perhaps even several. Our translucent Loose Powder sits delicately on your skin, mattifying your complexion and setting your make-up. The lightly tinted Compact Powder , on the other hand, evens out imperfections, brightens your make-up and is great for touch-ups on the go. Then there’s the Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder , which adds a sun-kissed radiance and accentuates your contours. And last but not least, we have our Colour Correcting Powder . This powder has three variants, each containing multiple shades that blend together to even out any complexion – including yours.


Apply powder like an expert.

The Loose Powder and Compact Powder can be applied either with a powder puff or our Powder Brush . For contouring and creating accents, our tulip-shaped Blusher Brush is the perfect tool for the job. All Dr. Hauschka make-up brushes are easy to hold, easy to clean, durable and vegan.


More than mineral powders: genuine natural cosmetics.

Powder consists of tiny mineral particles and often contains talcum, which is a particularly soft mineral. With Dr. Hauschka powders, you can be sure that no synthetic substances are being deposited on your skin. We rely instead on silk powder, tapioca starch, silica, mica and plant extracts, for example. You can view the carefully selected ingredients list for each product – and even see its organic content percentage. This is thanks to NATRUE, an international quality seal for certified natural cosmetics that all our products bear.


Dr. Hauschka face powder: powders that are good for your skin.

At Dr. Hauschka, we don’t just leave out ingredients that the skin doesn’t need; our formulations always contain plant extracts that are actively good for your skin. In our powders, these include anthyllis, black tea and, most importantly, witch hazel. Why? The leaves and bark of the witch hazel plant are rich in skin-stabilising ingredients, have a firming effect and refine the skin’s appearance. Dr. Hauschka powders leave your skin feeling velvety soft without drying it out. They are therefore also suitable for dry skin.