Night Care

The power of the night.

When you go to sleep your skin becomes active. It uses the night to renew itself from the inside out. Dr. Hauschka Night Care is here to help by working with your skin and giving it the revitalising care it needs.

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Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+) Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+)
  • creates a brighter complexion
  • harmonises the skin
  • for blemished adult skin
Content 40 ml
Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Intensive Treatment (up to age 25) Clarifying Intensive Treatment (up to age 25)
  • harmonizes the skin
  • for use during puberty
  • reduces appearance of blemishes
  • for blemished young skin
Content 40 ml
Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner
Clarifying Toner
  • for oily, blemished or combination skin
  • skin looks visibly radiant and fortified
  • cleanses impurities
  • soothes dry skin
Content 100 ml
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Balm – a refreshing wash gel Cleansing Balm
  • for all skin conditions
  • cleanses thoroughly, gently nourishes
  • removes light make-up
  • refreshing gel-to-milk texture
Content 75 ml
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream
Cleansing Cream
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • cleanses and revitalises
  • provides a bright clear complexion
  • provides gentle exfoliation
Content 50 ml
Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner
Facial Toner
  • for normal, dry and sensitive skin
  • revitalises and refreshes
  • replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier
Content 100 ml
Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin
  • for redness and pigmentation problems
  • soothes and fortifies
  • harmonises the complexion
Content 40 ml
Dr. Hauschka Night Serum - Revitalising serum Night Serum
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • basic night care product
  • strengthens the skin through hydration
  • helps improve tone and texture
Content 20 ml
Regenerating Intensive Night Serum for mature skin
Regenerating Intensive Night Serum
  • for increasingly dry and sensitive mature skin
  • gentle yet intensive
  • hydrates
  • leaves skin feeling firmer
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Treatment Regenerating Intensive Treatment
  • counteracts dryness and the appearance of wrinkles
  • revitalises the skin
  • evens and balances
  • leaves skin looking radiant
Content 40 ml
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum
Regenerating Serum
  • for dehydrated, mature skin
  • noticeably firms
  • revitalises
  • refines and tones mature skin
Content 30 ml
Dr. Hauschka Night Conditioner Renewing Night Conditioner
  • a 28-day intensive treatment
  • for a firm, toned complexion
  • calms and comforts the skin
  • soothes dydrated skin
Content 10 ml

Our Night Care range supports your skin’s rhythms.

Dr. Hauschka Night Care has a special approach: it recognises and supports the rhythmic alternation between day and night, which also involves your skin. There are different rules for night and day; your skin needs different patterns and stimulation. It uses the night above all to completely renew itself. Because oily creams would slow down these natural processes, Dr. Hauschka Night Care is entirely water-based. It is oil-free, but highly revitalising. That’s why you won’t find any rich face creams in Dr. Hauschka Night Care range. Instead, after cleansing and toning, we recommend a serum, as well as a treatment several times a year. You will see how well your skin recovers overnight with these products.

Basic night care for your face consists of three steps.

Cleansing, toning, revitalising – these three words describe Dr. Hauschka basic night care regime. Depending on the condition of your skin, choose our Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk and, if necessary, add the Eye Make-up Remover. Toning products in the range are the Facial Toner and Clarifying Toner. In the revitalising third step, your skin will love the Night Serum or Regenerating Serum. And that’s your basic night care taken care of.

Pamper your skin overnight with a treatment.

In addition to our basic night care regime, we recommend you use Renewing Night Conditioner several times a year. This consists of 28 ampoules which accompany your skin through a complete 28-day natural cycle. Medicinal plants like rose, marshmallow and anthyllis are combined in each ampoule, accompanied by silver and Madonna lily. These are rhythmitised which restore the natural hydrating balance of your skin and help it to look visibly refreshed and radiant.

Tips for starting our night care regime.

If you swap a conventional night cream for the oil-free Dr. Hauschka Night Care range, at first your skin may feel a little tight. Your skin needs to get used to this oil free night regime for a more sustainable care routine. Apply a face mask twice a week to help your skin to ease its way into our night care regime. Please remove the mask with a warm, damp cloth before going to sleep and then apply Facial Toner, Night Serum or Renewing Night Conditioner. If you have any questions about our Night Care range, you can contact our online advisors any time.