Skin care concept

For inner and outer beauty.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care helps people keep themselves and their skin healthy and beautiful. Individual formulations based around plants provide all skin conditions with effective impulses every day when cleansing, toning, moisturising – even when applying make-up. And to support nightly revitalisation, we let your skin breathe rather than covering it with oily creams.




Skin conditions rather than skin types.

Your skin’s needs can change depending on your stress levels and the stage of life you’re in. The seasons also have an influence: your skin needs a different kind of care in winter than it does in summer. That’s why at Dr. Hauschka we focus on skin conditions, which can fluctuate, as opposed to the idea of a fixed skin type.


What makes our skin care concept special?

We help your skin rediscover its balance.
Your skin is smart. Generally speaking, the skin can manage quite well on its own, taking care of itself and renewing itself. Skin care products cannot and should not get in the way of this ability, but if the skin’s natural rhythm is disrupted by stress or external influences, we can help it to find its natural balance again. Our aim is to remind the skin of its own capabilities.

Plants strengthen and vitalise the skin’s own processes.
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is based on natural rhythms and alternating periods of activity and rest. It is about providing the skin with impulses and supporting its innate processes. By strengthening the skin’s own processes with individual plant formulations, we help the body learn its own lessons and prevent it from being reliant on an external solution. Regular use of our skin care is like training for your skin, helping it to master the daily challenges it faces in a sustainable way. Help your skin learn to be beautiful all by itself.

Let's take the example of “oily skin”, which many of us know from puberty. At the moment in our lives when we are striving to find our identity and our place in the world, the body produces a heavy facial oil to protect us from the outside world. At Dr. Hauschka, we respect this need for protection, so we don't try to fight this natural oil using aggressive means. Instead, we suggest applying our Clarifying Day Oil, a light, breathable facial oil. This way, the body gets the protection it needs, but also learns that it's possible to provide this in a delicate form. The skin can absorb excess oil production on the skin surface.

At night, we let your skin breathe.
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is designed with the rhythms of life in mind. Because a radiant complexion is created through the flowing day-night rhythm. Just as you need sleep at night to recover from the day, your skin has different needs at night than during the day. During the day, it responds to external influences; at night it cleanses itself of metabolic products and recovers. Our night care products are packed with impulses that revitalize the natural renewal processes and allow the skin to breathe freely.


A skin care concept for the person as a whole.

We firmly believe that mindful, self-focused attention combined with the care of valuable natural cosmetics do more than just make the skin look good. Good self-care balances the body, mind and soul – and lets inner harmony shine through in the form of outer beauty. Skin care routines involving precious body lotions or oils soothingly connect the body and mind, resulting in facial skin that looks radiant and well cared for. After all, beauty is a matter of radiance, not just look.



"People need two kinds of beauty, inner and outer."

Elisabeth Sigmund



Facial care.

The Dr. Hauschka facial care concept supports you around the clock every day and takes into account the fact that your skin’s role is completely different during the day than it is at night. Dr. Hauschka supports this rhythm with a unique skin care concept.

Dr. Hauschka basic skin care steps.

Daytime skin care.
In the morning after cleansing and toning, your skin requires daytime skin care that protects you from environmental influences.

1. Cleanse: Thorough cleansing provides the basis for pore-deep freshness and a radiant complexion. Our facial cleansers gently yet effectively remove impurities.

2. Tone: Your skin is now optimally prepared to receive strengthening impulses. This is where our facial toners come into play. Our Facial Toner helps to revitalize the natural forces of the skin and leaves it perfectly prepared for the next skin care steps.

3. Moisturise: Finally, a specially selected moisturiser gives the skin everything it needs. Refreshing, soothing, balancing, moisturising or vitalizating – you're sure to find the perfect daytime skin care in our range.

4. Apply make-up: And because our make-up not only beautifies the skin with natural mineral pigments but also pampers it with the best natural substances and plants, it is the perfect fourth skin care step.


Night time skin care.
As you come to rest at night, an important time of regeneration begins for your skin. Our rich night time care allows your skin to breathe freely, illuminate and revitalise.

1. Cleanse: The evening cleanse is particularly important for the skin. Our facial cleansers remove the external influences of the day and leave the skin free to breathe.

2. Tone: Our facial toners provide your skin with strengthening impulses. Our Facial Toner leaves it perfectly prepared for the night.

3. Vitalise: Our skin is most active at night. It uses this time to renew itself from the inside out. Our night time care supports the skin and its own processes. Plant extracts provide valuable vitalizing impulses for the skin.

We also provide more intensive products and treatments that complement your usual routine and give your skin a little time out.


Radiance and vitality is our definition of beauty. That’s why Dr. Hauschka Make-up respects and highlights your individuality. Our make-up products use natural mineral pigments that blend visually with your own skin tone. This way, even strong, powerful colours only serve to enhance your natural vitality and never seem over the top.

Body care.

Close and attentive care. A moment in time to focus on you, to feel yourself and experience full-body relaxation. With our range of body care products, we have developed formulations that care for more than just our skin. We take the needs of the entire person into account. The idea is to support the body’s own activities with strengthening and balancing impulses, thereby helping it to reach its natural equilibrium. Each product has its own distinctive character. Our products targeting Body Care bring finesse, delicacy and softness to the skin.




MED skin care.

For people with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis, it is particularly important to support the skin in every phase with professional skin care. Dr. Hauschka MED provides skin care products with natural formulations adapted to sensitive and atopic skin types. We developed our MED products together with doctors and research institutes.


Consultation: find the right skin care for you.

Do you have any questions about our skin care concept? We are always more that happy to help. Simply get in touch. We also offer a thorough online consultation service, and our online skin test is a great first step towards finding out what your skin condition is and which products are right for you.

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Treatments: the art of touch in its purest form.

Do you long for soothing peace? Would you like a new-found vitality? Do you need a fresh boost of energy? All the treatments performed by our Dr. Hauschka estheticians respect the natural rhythms of your skin and provide I with soothing relaxation and new-found strength. What makes the treatment unique is the rhythm of the touches. The process of contact and release, the rhythmic alternation between rest and movement, heat and cold. The art of touch in its purest form provides genuine relief from the stresses of everyday life. 

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