Skin care concept

Your skin knows.

Your skin and you: The two of you are forever inseparable. That’s why at Dr. Hauschka, we don’t simply focus on what your skin needs. We want to also know more about you as a person. Pay attention to your complexion and the signals it sends, external influences and internal conditions. What feels good for you right now.

Do you remember …?

You and your skin have gone through many experiences together. You’ve collected laughter lines and scars. You’ve spent sunny days on the beach and danced the night away. Whatever challenges you've presented your skin with, it’s always known best what it needs to stay strong and radiant. So trust your skin. We certainly do.


Beyond skin deep.

The sun on your face, the sand between your toes… everything you feel on your skin goes beyond the surface level. Just as the lightest touch can awaken feelings and emotions deep inside. Because we know life can get under your skin, we make cosmetics that go deeper, stimulating your skin’s natural powers and strengthening it from the inside out.

How do you feel in your own skin?

Do you long for soothing balance, or refreshing energy? Do you feel at one with your skin? Your skin has the ability to fulfil many of your needs all by itself. However, even though your skin is a master at healing itself, every now and then it needs a helping hand. That's where Dr. Hauschka Skin Care comes to the rescue, with personalised medicinal plant compositions that give your skin the extra help it needs each day. They can give your skin an energy boost, provide it with protection, or re-establish balance. We care about making people feel good in their skin.


Your skin and the world around you.

Your skin is what holds you together, and also acts as a barrier between you and your environment. Every time you feel the wind in your face or the fleeting touch of another person, your skin is in direct contact with the world around you. And the effect is often visible on your skin, too. When the tingling in your stomach gives you goose bumps, for example. Or when your cheeks glow with excitement.

Mirroring the rhythm of life.

Repair, regenerate, renew, repeat. Your skin stays active throughout your whole life. It’s no wonder it needs to change constantly over the years. Sometimes it can even change from one moment to the next. We support your skin through all the different stages of life by providing skincare solutions that mirror the rhythm of life itself.


A lifetime of possibilities.

As you develop, grow, and live through new experiences, your skin will change. Oily teenage skin, for example, can later become more dry and require more attention. That's why we don’t focus on your skin's deficiencies. Instead, we help you to rediscover your inner strength and your skin to bring itself back into balance.