Red clover: Full of vitality and revitalization powers

The red clover extract used in our Regenerating products is produced by WALA itself. An aqueous red clover extract is matured in large earthenware vats for seven days, during which time it is thoroughly stirred by hand every morning and evening. This produces a valuable essence that contains the red clover’s powers. The essence stimulates the skin’s revitalisation, which has a positive impact on age-related changes. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and gives your skin the extra strength it needs to meet the demands of daily life. 

Facial care for skin over 40

A very special phase begins when your reach the middle of your life: Active and full of energy, you have unlimited resources to draw from. You enjoy all that life has to offer and consciously take your future into your own hands, realising your many plans and ideas with enthusiasm, creativity and fire in your belly.

This joie de vivre is also reflected in your skin. The first fine lines and wrinkles start to appear – these are part of your life and tell of your experiences. This often occurs around the age of 40. Effective facial care for skin over 40 takes these changes into account. We can’t turn back time – nor do we want to. Instead, we want people to have the best possible skin at every age. 


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Bryophyllum: Stores and releases moisture whenever it is needed

Bryophyllum is a plant native to the tropics and has mastered the art of water management. Its leaves and stems can store water and release it when it is needed, allowing it to survive long periods of drought – and this ability also benefits mature skin.

The bryophyllum extracts in the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating formulations are produced in-house using a special rhythmic process.

Skin care tips for skin over 40: Your morning and evening routine with the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating range

Our range of facial care products for skin over 40 supports your skin with its varying needs – depending on the day, the season, and its individual characteristics. And it does so attentively, gently and naturally. 

We give your skin the revitalising impulses it now needs. 
We give your skin the care it deserves. 
And we make sure your natural radiance always shines through. 


3 facial skin care tips for skin over 40

  • Do you suffer from sensitive skin over 40 that is prone to wrinkles and redness?
    We recommend a 28-day ampoule treatment with our Sensitive Care Conditioner to soothe your skin and reduce the sign of redness.

  • Looking for a face mask to specifically tone the eye area?
    Our Firming Mask is ideal for use on the delicate eye area. This intensive skin care product smooths and strengthens mature skin by a deep hydration. You can apply it once or twice a week to the entire face, including the eye area, neck and décolleté.

  • Looking for special skin care for a blemish-prone décolleté?
    If you are prone to small impurities on the décolleté, we recommend spraying Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner on the affected areas in the morning. For optimal neck and décolleté care, use the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream. Plant extracts of field horsetail, birch leaf and marsh mallow leave the skin feeling toned and smooth.



We are here for you.

If you have any questions about facial care over 40 or would like to know which face cream is right for you, treat yourself and your mature skin to a personal consultation and treatment with a Dr. Hauschka esthetician near you. You can also find answers to many common questions in our FAQs.   


We don’t talk about “anti-ageing”. Instead, we ask: What does your skin need after 40?

Skin ageing is an entirely natural process that cannot be stopped or reversed. That is why we do not refer to our skin care products as “anti-ageing”. Nor do we want our Dr. Hauschka Regenerating and Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive products to fight wrinkles, but rather to let your natural, authentic radiance shine through. After all, it’s not about always looking younger – it’s about always looking better. Whatever your age. 

Your skin needs care that will help it age beautifully and remain full of energy and vitality. If there is one thing you can rely on, it’s that your cells never forget. Their innate toning power is stored within them forever. But in our often hectic everyday lives, they sometimes need a little nudge.

This is exactly what we provide with our Dr. Hauschka products for facial care over 40. The effective formulations in the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating range pass on an infectious vitality, help tone the skin and encourage it to preserve moisture.Your skin receives support, but is still able (and encouraged) to remain active. The result is a radiant and well-nourished complexion that is unique to every individual.

Confirmed effectiveness.*

  • Helps care for mature skin.
  • Regulates moisture.
  • Leaves skin feeling toned and smooth.
  • Revitalises and invigorates.

*Based on what? The effectiveness of our products has been proven by independent institutes in scientific tests and confirmed by test subjects in user studies. 


Plants for mature skin over 40


Your morning routine: Refreshing skin care in 3 steps 

Hello, beautiful! When you reach 40, you know that now is the time to do something good for your skin. Gentle cleansing and soothing facial care in the morning set you up to start the day beautiful and relaxed, simply and naturally.

Step 1: Cleanse.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream clarifies and cleanses, balances the skin’s complexion and leaves it looking refined and revitalised – which is particularly welcome after 40.

Step 2: Tone. 

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner gives your skin a new-found strength. The fine mist contains an unmistakable plant composition that reinforces and refreshes the complexion, providing the perfect start to the day.

Now is the time to revitalise and strengthen your skin with Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum. Apply in the morning before your day cream or oil to helpyour skin’s own revitalization. You will notice your skin feels firmer with a more refined texture. 


Your evening routine: Night time skin care in 3 steps

Good night, darling! The evening is when we come to rest and give our bodies the chance to recharge for the next day. The care that you apply before going to bed can have a lasting effect, which makes it the perfect time to properly pamper your skin with a personal skin care routine. Particularly from 40 onwards, we want to make sure our skin sleeps well!

Step 1: Cleanse.

Leave your skin feeling relaxed and free to breathe – with skin care rituals that are especially valuable after 40: Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Make-up Remover gently and thoroughly removes even waterproof make-up from the sensitive skin around the eyes, while simultaneously nourishing the skin and lashes with light, fast-absorbing oils.

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk removes dirt and make-up while gently nourishing the skin. This product is especially recommended as an evening cleanser for sensitive skin over 40.

The talents of Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream are just as effective in the evening as they are in the morning. The pleasantly creamy base of almond flour serves to transport and deliver the cleansing and nourishing powers of the product’s high-quality plant extracts. Feel your skin breathe a satisfied sigh of relief. 


Step 3: Moisturise and protect.

What else do you need for a successful start to the day? A rich moisturiser that will leave you and your skin feeling nourished and protected all day long. Our Regenerating Day Cream combines nourishing and replenishing care for skin over 40, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin is given all the nourishment it needs and is left looking smooth and revitalised. Do you prefer a day cream that also provides light coverage? Then we recommend our Regenerating Day Cream Complexion. The light-reflecting, subtly bronzing mineral pigments in this day cream balance the complexion and give every skin tone a visibly healthy glow.

If you want to give the delicate eye area an extra portion of care, now is the time to carefully apply a little of our Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream. The skin around the eyes is often the first place where wrinkles appear, and so requires particular attention. Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream, smooths and refines the eye area, leaving your eyes radiant and refreshed. Good Morning, sunshine! 


Step 2: Tone. 

What does us good in the morning does us good in the evening – this is true of our Facial Toner, at least. Its plant extracts support the skin’s own revitalizating powers. Gently and effectively.

Step 3: Vitalise.

What else does your skin need at this point? Natural nourishment! This is when Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Serum steps in once again to provide special, effective care. Applied before bed, it provides the sensitive skin of the face and décolleté with welcome impulses with a hydrating and soothing effect. While you are left simply feeling good. 

Looking forward to the morning already?



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Field horsetail: A firm and well-structured plant

Horsetail has been growing on our planet for millions of years. In summer, it produces vivid green, upright, whorled stems. This firm, well-structured and well-articulated plant stores a lot of silica acid. The field horsetail extracts in the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating formulations are produced using a special rhythmic process.

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