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Dr. Hauschka body treatments

It almost sounds like magic. She uses her hands to draw slow, loosening circles on your body without applying any great pressure, and yet still deeply relaxes your muscles and tissue. To complement her movements, the Dr. Hauschka esthetician needs nothing more than a little Dr. Hauschka Body Oil with its wondrous fragrance – of rose or lavender, for example. What are we describing? Dr. Hauschka Body Treatments. Whether the hour-and-a-half Holistic Body Treatment or the shorter Back Treatments or Hand and Foot Treatments, they give you a sense of feeling consciously and vividly in touch with your body. This is because the treatments strengthen the structuring life forces, stimulate the lymphatic flow and thereby support regeneration and good health. 





The treatments use gentle touches with gently flowing hands. They speak to us, our body, our soul. Perhaps it is this gentleness that convinces the muscles and tissue to release their defensive tension. Coupled with the respectful care of the Dr. Hauschka esthetician, that is. She carefully starts with a warming foot bath. Her rhythmically breathing hands meet with the skin and gently release themselves again. In the case of the Holistic Body Treatment, the Dr. Hauschka esthetician starts by working her way down the back using stroking and circling movements before progressing along the back of the legs. Next, the customer can turn over and enjoy the sensation as the esthetician works upwards over the feet, legs, stomach and décolleté to the arms. Finally, the Dr. Hauschka esthetician applies Dr. Hauschka Eye Revive, wraps the customer in warm blankets and leaves him/her to rest for a while. During this rest phase, the movement reverberates. The sense of relaxation finds room for itself and is sustainably embedded in the body’s memory. A gift of time, which is so important for a deep release.

The Dr. Hauschka Holistic Body Treatment was created in 1996 as a body treatment for Dr. Hauschka estheticians in cooperation with therapists from the Margarethe Hauschka School for Rhythmical Massage. It is a method that is exclusively offered by Dr. Hauschka estheticians who have attended a special advanced training programme.

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mit der Dr. Hauschka Naturkosmetikerin Manuela Schöbel über Eintauchen und Auftauchen bei den Dr. Hauschka Körperbehandlungen 



Ms Schöbel, you start Dr. Hauschka skin care treatments for the face with a foot bath and reach the person as a whole. Why do you also offer Dr. Hauschka body treatments?

Manuela Schöbel: With Dr. Hauschka Holistic Body Treatments, we caress the entire body with our fabulous Dr. Hauschka Body Oils. The treatments enable us to truly achieve deep relaxation and sustainable release. Even more so than the Dr. Hauschka facial treatments, where the focus is on facial care. What both treatments have in common though is the way in which we touch the customer. We do not apply pressure. We neither knead nor massage, but instead use breathing hands and rhythmic touches. What makes this so fantastic is that we can work far deeper than by applying pressure. This is because our art of touch essentially reaches people’s soul.

People like to go for a massage when plagued by tight muscles. Will a Dr. Hauschka Holistic Body Treatment have the desired results even though you don’t knead or massage?

Definitely. During case studies, we received the feedback that tension headaches subside, for example. The treatment gives the customer a sensation of inner peace and relaxation. We can observe this in people who are stuck in the whirlwind of their thoughts or suffer from extremely tight muscles. Despite not physically touching the muscles, I still have this relaxing effect. This is also due to the careful way in which we treat the customers. They leave the treatment deeply relaxed, from their face to the tips of their toes.

So you’re saying that the Holistic Body Treatment also affects the face? Do you massage the face then?

No, just like we don’t do this during facial treatments. We solely involve it through very gentle, stroking movements. And the treatment of the customer as a whole simply leads to a sense of relaxation that is tangible in the face. I can confirm this from personal experience. When I’m giving a Holistic Body Treatment to people who are under a lot of stress and pressure and bearing the burden of a heavy workload, I notice as the tension falls away from them. I can feel this release in their tissue, not their muscles. And this is also reflected in relaxed facial expressions.

You mentioned treating customers carefully. What exactly do you mean?

When giving people body treatments, we work slowly, not quickly. I uncover the areas of the body that I am treating, while leaving the others covered up. I only use a little Dr. Hauschka Body Oil. This isn’t to save oil, but so that my hands remain in contact with the tissue. In an ayurvedic treatment with lots of oil, the hands glide over the skin without any contact with the tissue. By only using a small amount of oil, I can move the tissue as my hands do their work and make a difference. During my advanced training in Dr. Hauschka body treatments, I even conducted a treatment using nothing more than Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder because it was about not just superficially gliding over the tissue, but really breathing with the hands. But this isn't standard practice; we naturally use Dr. Hauschka Body Oils.


What do you mean by breathing hands?

The touch has a rhythm like the breath. Instead of touching people manipulatively, we use breathing, constantly releasing movements to reinvigorate the body. In doing so, we employ very demanding actions like out-of-phase circles, as we know them. Here, both hands simultaneously make circular movements but that are out of phase with one another. The movement of the circling hands sends constant stimuli to the skin that reverberate right down into the tissue. You meet, connect and release again, helping the heavy to become light. It is like a breath, a coming and going. This oscillating touch makes our Dr. Hauschka treatments unique. The people being treated and their needs are at the forefront rather than the esthetician’s will.

You say that people and their needs are at the forefront. Does that mean that the process used for body treatments is customised to each person?

No. This is the difference to medical massage. If, for example, I go for a rhythmical massage and tell the therapist that I can’t sleep, she may not treat my entire body but instead specifically tailor the massage to my problem, perhaps only treating my feet and then conducting an organ massage, for instance. With us, the process is always identical. We offer different treatments though. For example, not only the Holistic Body Treatment but also the Dr. Hauschka Holistic Back Treatment as a shorter option, as well as a Hand Treatment and a Foot Treatment. We can also use the Dr. Hauschka Body Oils to create specific stimuli. For example, we use Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil to offer a sense of calm and protection or Blackthorn Toning Body Oil to address the warmth organism.

Do you also develop new body treatments?

Yes. For example, we have developed the Dr. Hauschka Restorative Oil Treatment for the Body. We conduct this using heated oil. After applying the oil, we wrap the customer in foil and cover her up. This is completely different to the Holistic Body Treatment, which uses less oil and focuses on the quality of the touch. With the oil treatment, it is about the skin and the application of a product. However, the Dr. Hauschka Body Oil is naturally also applied using careful touches or stroking movements. The wrap is incredibly warming. And when you open it, you are hit by a wonderful fragrance. The skin feels intensively nourished for several days. We developed this treatment in cooperation with our international trainers and were all delighted with the results. We have now introduced this treatment and the first few Dr. Hauschka estheticians have attended the special training courses for it.

What do you find most extraordinary about the Dr. Hauschka Holistic Body Treatment?

We reach the fluid flow in the body; the treatment unblocks and loosens. This also helps us to offer health care benefits. The manner of our touch also means that we don’t just address the skin, but really reach the soul. This can also be felt in the tissue and allows the soul to relax.

So you could say that the Holistic Body Treatment leads to mental release?

Yes, exactly, a very deep sense of relaxation. However, this is also linked with the notion of being at peace with yourself. I experienced this when treating a bride-to-be, for example. She was extremely stressed with organising the wedding. After the Dr. Hauschka Holistic Body Treatment, she was so relaxed that the huge pile of tasks melted away before her eyes. She then booked two more treatments before the wedding for herself and one for her future husband. She simply noticed that the Holistic Body Treatment addresses the inner beauty just like a facial treatment does. In a different way, let’s say, like when a song is played in a different key.



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