Live from our fields - once a year our marketing team leaves their desks to help with the harvest. Early in the morning, just in time for sunrise, we get on the tractors and drive out to the marshmallow fields next to our headquarters. After several hours of work and harvesting more than 200 kilograms we leave back to our normal day jobs - with dirty hands and happy faces. video by @kiwivisions
Live from Eckwälden - through thick and thin. Our skin is the mirror of our soul - it's condition can change with every phase of life and mood. We have the right product for the phase you're currently in. And the next one and the one after...
Live from our garden - maintaining high biodiversity is really important to us. That's why we cherish the fact that not only more than 150 different plant species flourish here, it also provides a habitat for wild plants and animals.
Live from the “Calendar of the Soul” – our version of a “Monday Quote”, written by Dr. Rudolf Steiner for this very week, one hundred years ago. He inspired the life and the work of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, but also the ideas of Demeter organic farming and Waldorf education. Even today, here at Dr. Hauschka many of us are still inspired by his words. Have a wonderful week, going your own way with verse no. 18: 'Can I so stretch my soul, now that it has conceived, so that it be all one, one with the Word of Worlds, one with the germ received? A hint comes: you must find the strength to fashion a soul fit to be the outward garment of Spirit.' Original version by Rudolf Steiner: 'Kann ich die Seele weiten, Dass sie sich Selbst verbindet Empfangnem Welten-Keimesworte? Ich ahne, dass ich Kraft muss finden, Die Seele würdig zu gestalten, Zum Geistes-Kleide sich zu bilden.'
Live from Eckwälden - our trial set for mature skin was specially created for skin that is losing its elasticity. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream refines the pores, then the Regenerating Serum leaves skin feeling firm and revitalised. Finally, our Regenerating Day Cream smooths the skin and supports its structure.
Live from Eckwälden - our certified natural cosmetics are exclusively made from ingredients of natural origin. Synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives? Not something we use. Silicones, PEGs and mineral oils? Not in our products. Instead, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are packed full of nature and our medicinal knowledge.
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Nous vous invitons dans l’univers de notre cosmétique.
Nos plantes, nos équipes, notre monde.
Dr. Hauschka. Live.